The Shield

Who are we?

Canadian Shield MVSS is a Federally Incorporated non-profit organization founded to coordinate the efforts of those working to support Veterans transitioning from military service into civilian life.​

Although the Canadian Military provides a suite of information sessions and referrals to various workshops and other resources, there is currently no comprehensive support we are aware of that guides members through the transition process from start to finish. Unfortunately, Veterans must navigate through a series of case managers, specialists, academics and administrators from different organizations that mostly focus on the limited scope of their mandated area of responsibility.

What do we do?

​Canadian Shield MVSS aims to provide a comprehensive approach to transition where most of the Veteran’s time and effort can be spent on studying, spending quality time with family and friends, and taking care of any required medical treatment. The desired end-state is a fully transitioned Veteran that is able to embark on their chosen path with a full understanding of their strengths and limitations.

How we do it.

The Canadian Shield MVSS comprehensive solution is provided through an Artificial Intelligence Assistant capable of providing a Veteran Course Curriculum tailored to the veteran's needs while supporting the Transition by facilitating the coordination between the various Service Providers and the veteran. Finally, the Canadian Shield MVSS provides the veterans with a Ressources Planning solution aimed at ensuring that the veterans have and get access to the ressources available to them.